Why Natty?

Nate's Natty is the perfect solution for those who care about the quality of the products they use and the impact they have on their health and the environment. Our simple, yet superior formula only uses four sustainable sourced, natural ingredients, making our soap vegan and organic.

Most body cleansers you find in the "soap" aisle are not actually soap – they are classified by the FDA as synthetic detergents. To be real soap, saponification must take place (a fancy word for blending fats and oils with lye to make soap).

Nate's Natty soaps are made using the cold process saponification method, where fats and natural oils combine with lye to make soap (for cleansing) and glycerin (a natural humectant aka moisturizing agent).

Our cold process soap is designed to be gentle, nourishing, and effective, without any harsh chemicals that can harm your skin or the planet. Unlike other soaps on the market, our bars lather well and leave your skin feeling hydrated, not tight.

We are committed to providing only the best possible product for our customers. Our superior formula and environmentally friendly ingredients set us apart from the competition. Our customers choose Nate’s Natty for the quality of our product and our commitment to sustainability.